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The city of Dakar
dakarCapital Town of SENEGAL since 1958, the City of DAKAR with 3 million inhabitants is today a big African metropolis.

The central square, former independence square becoming soon Valdidio Ndiaye square as souvenir of this glorious son of the SENEGAL independent, offers all services among which, the banks, the airline companies, the hotels, not forgetting the majestic chamber of commerce with is colonial and original architecture.

Not far from the port, is the sumptuous railway-station built in 1883.

In front of the station is the monument of the Senegalese “Tirailleur” represented by Demba and Dupont, two soldiers with the aspect of glorious fighters of the liberated France.

On the western coast road, along the sea, the door of the millennium built in 2001 by the famous Senegalese architect P. ATEPA Goudiaby.

At the top of the monument, the famous statue of the old Senegalese woman “Yaye Boye” blowing here corn, wishing for peace and prosperity in the capital town.