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The Small Coast and Joal Fadiouthla petite cote
The small coast, not far from Dakar is a spot of predilection o the follower of seaside resort tourism.

Saly Portudal and its numerous hotels and lodges is a resort that welcomes every year thousands of tourists for swimming and fishing with adapted structures all over the coast.

Northern Saly, the tourist village of Somone and its Lagoon bordered with swamps showing an other aspect of the small coast.


Joal Fadiouth
sine saloumJoal Fadiouth
This country of the “Serere” ethnic group is the area where the famous poet L.S. Senghor was born, got an exceptional Weather thanks to the “Alize” winds.
The native house of the poet president is today a museum for the visitors greedy of culture. Facing Joal, the island of Fadiouth with its sea-shells cemetery, not forgetting above all, the place where Christians and Muslims are buried together, something unique in the world that could help to think about the human condition for peace and harmony between religions and people.