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car rapideIn Africa, Senegal is one of the seldom countries where the hospitality ‘’Téranga’’ is yet an undeniable value shared by all the populations of the country in sprite of the ethnic diversities.

The human heat, the kindness, the dialogue and the life-delight are shared at all levels as heritages of ancestral customs and traditions. Thank to its privileged geographical position, the country is an accessible destination departing from all continents: Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa.

The country enjoys an exceptional weather, sunny all the year around with the alizé winds which turn milder the temperatures even the farest spots.

Not forgetting the seaside resort because, all the western part of the country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with its beautiful beaches of fine sands and clear waters not polluted yet.
Sport-fishing, the nautical ski, the windsurfing are activities practiced in all the seaside resort areas.

To sum up, the geographical position of the country, the mildness of the weather, the sunny beaches, the legendary ‘’Teranga’’ and the ethnic varieties make SENEGAL a tourist destination of choice for the visitors fetching for disorientation and unforgettable holidays.

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