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Pink Lake

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, whose real name is Lac Retba, is one of the most visited sites in Senegal.
This salty lake owes its fame to the original and changing color of its waters, but also to the Paris-Dakar rally which was the last stage.
Pink Lake is a large 3 km² lagoon, shallow, surrounded by dunes and located a few hundred meters from the Atlantic Ocean, 35 km north-east of Dakar.
Its orange-pink color is due to Dunaliella salina, a cyanobacterium, a microscopic organism that produces, especially when the sky is not overcast (therefore more in the dry period from November to June), carotene, a red pigment that allows it to better withstand a high concentration of salt and sun.
The pink color is less visible during the rainy season (July to October) because solar radiation is limited by cloud cover.
The lake is located on the territory of the village of Sangalkam. There are four sections called Khar Yaala, Khoss, Virage and Daradji.

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